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Med Dive Specialist course provides the participants with the knowledge to help their own personnel. Know how to better detect possible diving related injuries in your diving staff. The precautions you take as a result of this course can help you to increase the awareness and lower the risk in your personnel. Basic first aid and CPR training are prerequisites. This course will discuss pre- and post- dive neurological exams and oxygen therapy.

Dive Rescue Specialist I provides the participant with the fundamentals of dive rescue or recovery team operations. This course should be required of everyone involved in dive team operations. Topics include knowledge in team organization, scene evaluation, search techniques, equipment, interface skills, and investigations. Maximize your teams effectiveness, Prerequisites apply to diving participants.

Does your agency have a dive team? Do you sometimes find your agency assisting another dive team? Learn how to help a dive team be more effective. Learn to contribute cooperatively to a successful diving mission. Learn to establish a pre-incident plan for activating a dive team. Become familiar with the equipment and terminology used by dive teams and divers.

The Ice Rescue Specialist course teaches the participant the fundamentals of ice formation, strength, safety, and rescue. Actual on ice practice of these techniques will familiarize participants with the tools and procedures necessary to be prepared for ice related accidents.

Ice Diving Operations provides the participant with knowledge of safety procedures and practical training in performing penetration dives beneath the ice. Learn what equipment is needed to reduce risk factors of diving under ice. Prerequisites apply for diving participants.

NEDO rescue courses are not only for divers!
Learn how to support the divers working
with your agency.
(Authorized Public Safety Personnel Only.)

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